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FlexFilm™ is a new kind of distribution company. We intend to change the way distribution has been done, by delivering more value to the dealers that we service. We understand the challenges that you face, because we have been there too. Everyone on our staff has more than 20 years of professional installation experience. We have used or tested every professional grade window film that is available on the market today. We know which films are "installer friendly". Because of this experience, we understand what installation properties are preferable to professional applicators

Not only do you want a film that installs fast, has outstanding optical clarity and a beautiful color, you want choices that will meet the requirements of your customer. Thats how we build our product line. Great looks, outstanding performance, and the ability to "upgrade" your customers to high performance FlexFilm™ products will help your bottom line. Call us to find out how you can increase gross profits without having to increase your work load. We have a tried and tested method for pulling in maximum retail dollars on every installation.

Professional Grade Products
Offering quality window films is the cornerstone of any successful distribution model, and we are bringing Professional Grade, State of the Art films to dealers in the United States, with a focus on top notch service and performance from our facility located in Atlanta


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