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Professional Window Tinting Training on How To Tint Windows

Advanced Installation Instuction

Do you need access to advanced training techniques, or do you have a member of your staff that could use some one-on-one instruction? Our team of cerified instructors can arrange a training session in our facility to teach the most up to date techniques on how to install window films at the professional level.

Window film installation is a skill that takes years to master, but we can take a lot of that "learning curve" out of the equation with some expert instruction provided by our training staff. If you don't want to use us, you can check the Film Resource page for another company that may be closer to you.

Training Sessions

Advanced instruction on "
How To Tint Windows", including:

  • Proper heat shrinking techniques.
  • Cutting and installing film cleanly.
  • Problem resolution.
  • Using available tools for maximum benefit.
  • Proper glass cleaning techniques.  
  • Questions and answers.

 Call us anytime for schedule dates, or to find out how we can help you with your training needs. 

Our Window Film Training Classes are "free" to dealers that buy our window film products*, and we will make training sessions available on an "as needed" basis. Put over 50 years of expert installation experience to work for you. FlexFilm Distribution is here to help...

* Based on Film Purchase Volume